Our Projects

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  1. Media Management E-School

  2. Strengthening Journalists’ Knowledge and Skills in Conflict Reporting

  3. Media Literacy Goes Public

  4. EU4Culture: Stronger Communities and Initiatives

  5. Strengthening Independent Media in Europe and Eurasia

  6. Audience understanding and digital support

  7. “Hear Me Now. Developing Podcasting Culture in Armenia”

  8. YouTuberPorting: Mobilizing and Capacity Building of Young Videobloggers

  9. Media for Informed Civic Engagement (MICE)

  10. CSO DePo: CSO Development Program

  11. Human Rights on the Internet: Education and Protection

  12. Supporting Armenian Media During Wartime

  13. Issues of Tolerance in Media

  14. Debunking Disinformation

  15. Tvapatum Investigation

  16. PSAs on Human Rights

  17. Dialogos Unfestival

  18. Parts of Circle

  19. Promoting Conflict Sensitive Reporting in the South Caucasus

  20. Dialogue Through Film

  21. Caucadoc

  22. Alternative Resources in Media (ARM)

  23. Before Our Voting

  24. Building the Skills of Armenian Human Rights Defenders

  25. Kids’ Crossroads

  26. Promoting Media Literacy

  27. Memories Without Borders

  28. Armenia-Turkey Media Dialogue

  29. Alternative View

  30. Maximizing EU Presence in the ENP Regions

  31. Media.am

  32. Workshop on the Crossroads

  33. World of Conflicts

  34. E-Channel

  35. PSAs on Media Literacy

  36. Audio and Video PSAs on Human Rights

  37. Favio Veritas

  38. Re-Media

  39. Combating Trafficking in Humans

  40. 1 Among 46

  41. Crossroads

  42. Independent Broadcast Media Development

  43. Women’s Participation in Local Elections

  44. People’s Planet

  45. Analysis of the Adequacy of Legislative Regulation of the Broadcasting Market and Practice of its Application

  46. Due Diligence

  47. Frontline

  48. Integration of ICT Legislation in the South Caucasus with EU and CoE Standards

  49. Competition to Support Production of Special Reports