Competition to Support Production of Special Reports

Internews organized a competition aimed at presenting social and political developments in the neighboring country. Topics of the reports were on economy, culture, environment, politics, social problems, international relations, etc. Creative approach was highly encouraged. TV companies registered in Armenia participated in the competition. Reports on the following topics were produced by the following TV companies.

New Life of Old Neighbor (7-8 reports) – Interkap TV Company, Vanadzor

Javakhq: Yesterday and Today (7 clips) – Fortuna TV Company, Stepanavan

Rose Revolution (8 reports) – Versus Studio, Yerevan

Across the Boarder – Not so Far (10 reports) – Eskiz Studio, Yerevan

Crossroads – Monarch-Production, Yerevan

What Georgia Has and Has Not (7 reports) – Public Television Company of Armenia, Yerevan

In Objective: New Georgia (7 reports) – Shoghakat TV Company, Yerevan

Gamarjobat Batono Georgia (9 reports) – Interkap TV Company, Vanadzor