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Media Talks with Gegham Vardanyan, Media.am Editor in Chief

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Learn about Online Cyber Security Threats and Hone Skills for Protection

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Tracing the Disclosure:

“Tvapatum Investigation: Media against Corruption” Conference Presentations in One Journalistic Manual

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Information is power for change.

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By supporting media we get involved in the development of the country: 21 years in the media sector of Armenia.

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Our ideas are the result of the productive cooperation between professionals, who have experience of 20 and more years, and young people.

Our Projects

Our projects have two milestones: professional education and quality media production.


Altera social enterprise ensures our sustainability through video production, media trainings and communication projects.



People Are the Media

Modern stories on media, issues of freedom of speech, journalistic debates, trends in media management and development, analytical and discussion platform.

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22 years in the media sector

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The recipient of your donation is the winner of the Homo Agendi category of Tvapatum Journalism Contest. This award is targeted at not only the journalist of the story, but also at the hero, who strives for changes and is an inspirational person. Thus, Homo Agendi will receive our award, since people are the media.

You help voicing people’s concerns.


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Address: 3 Arshakunyats Ave., 3rd Floor, Yerevan 0023, Armenia
Phone: + 374 10 583620 + 374 11 583620
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