Independent Broadcast Media Development

During 1996-2005 Internews provided technical support to Yerevan and region based TV and radio companies, including training, co-production, production and equipment grants.

Internews developed training modules and organized courses on TV, Radio, Print Journalism; TV, Radio, Print Press Management; Talk-Show, News, Analytical Program, Magazine, PSA, Documentary Production; Investigative Journalism; Elections Coverage; Graphic Design; Camera Operation. Professionals from Europe, US and Russia conducted the courses. Total 2000 advanced and mid-career journalists, managers, producers, cameramen, graphic designers and other specialists of TV and radio companies and students of journalism faculties participated in almost 200 trainings.

The training strategy was based on a real newsroom format: trainees passed through the entire process of news production, practicing role plays of a producer, presenter, director and assistant and produced real newscasts upon the end of the courses.

Internews also supported participation of journalists in internship programs, masterclasses and conferences in Russia and Ukraine, thus contributing to their professional development. They gained experience by working in stations with similar or advanced level of development, learned advanced and innovative concepts of journalism, networked and established professional ties with their foreign colleagues.