Dialogos Unfestival

Dialogos unfestival was a new a self-sustained and interactive platform. The films presented here are of different formats, and do not fit within traditional festival requirements. They are often experimental, filmed by amateurs rather than professionals. Here films are not competing, there are no prizes, and the jury is the audience itself.

Organized by Media Initiatives Center in February, 2016 Dialogos became a platform for Georgian, Armenian and Armenian-Azerbaijani joint documentaries, and animations on Nagorno Karabakh and Georgian-Ossetian conflicts. The materials were produced during the past ten years. The audience had the opportunity to meet the film directors, authors and heroes, listen and speak to them, and discuss the film.

In total 22 films (18 documentaries and 4 animation films) were screened in Moscow cinema.

The project was implemented with funding support received from the British Embassy Yerevan.