Professional Media, Practitioners and Grassroots joining Forces for Peace

The project includes two components. The first one supports media practitioners displaced from Nagorno Karabakh with the aim of integrating them into the media community of Armenia and restarting their professional work.  

Originally the project envisaged training media workers actively involved in conflict reporting. However, in the light of the developments in Nagorno Karabakh and the displacement of over 100,000 Armenians, MIC modified the project by targeting journalists from Nagorno Karabakh and adding “rehabilitative” elements to the training. Three ‘Professional Rehabilitation Camps’ will be held for media practitioners displaced from Nagorno Karabakh. Some of the participants will receive small grants for implementing their own projects on social, economic, legal and cultural challenges faced by the Nagorno Karabakh population after the displacement.  

The second component of the project is a series of short online documentaries illustrating possible scenarios for the conflict resolution and the future of the country and the region. MIC will announce an open call to invite interested journalists to collaborate. Each episode in the series will be the story of a person involved in the conflict transformation. These stories will not solely focus on the conflict but will demonstrate the life and problems of young people from Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia. The seven episodes of the series will be distributed via social networks, and will stimulate critical thinking and open discussion about sensitive issues.  

The project is implemented from May 2022 till October 2024, in collaboration with International Alert within the framework of “EU4Peace II– Professional Media, Practitioners and Grassroots joining Forces for Peace” program.  

The project budget is 115,207 EURO 


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