World of Conflicts

Series of television documentaries entitled Farewell to Arms: From Belfast to Balkans and about ethno-territorial conflicts in Europe. The production was carried out by mixed teams of Armenian and Azerbaijani journalists, producers and cameramen who shared their points of view, approaches, styles and methods of working. For the first time in the two countries an attempt was made towards bringing various perspectives and voices of specific conflicts into the open by providing a platform for discussions.

The films highlight origin and development of the conflicts, human tragedies and state interests, historical lessons and possible solutions. The series includes the following films: Ordinary Utopia (Basque Country); Undivided Island (Cyprus); On the Verge of Trust (Northern Ireland); Islands of Luck(Aland Islands); Weather in Mountains (South Tyrol); Between Pain and Hope (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

This project was implemented during July 2007 – March 2008, with funding support received from British Embassy Yerevan.