Youth in Action: Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development in Armenia

The project entails fostering and empowering youth to actively influence and engage in social, political, and public life in Armenia through enhanced leadership capacities, youth networks, and youth CSOs cooperation as well as increased media literacy and critical thinking among youth.

The primary beneficiaries of the project are youth organizations, which will be provided with essential knowledge, skills, and resources aimed at enhancing effective management and development within their organizations. To achieve this objective, the project will offer grants of various orientations, educational programs in different formats, innovative gatherings, and consultations.

An equally significant component of the program is Media literacy and Media education. By integrating theoretical and applied actions in this area, the project aims to empower young people with the ability to communicate effectively and address relevant issues in their communities and beyond. This skills will enable the youth to critically analyze information, understand media messages, and use media platforms responsibly to disseminate their ideas and concerns.

“Critical Media Literacy” component, fully implemented by Media Initiatives Center,  encompasses various initiatives and activities aimed at promoting Media Literacy and critical thinking among young people. It will include:

  • Developing a Media Literacy Toolkit (online/offline). The toolkit will include audio-visual materials to make the learning experience engaging and effective.
  • Conducting a of Media Literacy School (with Grants).
  • Fact-Checking Camp (with Grants).
  • “I am the Media” Digital Influencer Camp (with Grants)
  • TV Program (12 episodes).
  • Media Literacy Week (Every Year).

The project is being implemented by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation partnered with World Vision Armenia (WVA), Media Initiatives Center (MIC), and Gyumri “Youth Initiatives Center” (YIC).

The project will be implemented from March 2023, to June 2026.



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