Debunking Disinformation

The project aims to support current and future journalists to develop their skills in information verification and fact checking by promoting more accurate information dissemination.

The main component of the project is the International School of Information Verification which is organized for 16 participants from Armenia and Georgia with the participation of international experts. They get acquainted with the best practices, learn to apply different tools and methods for information verification and make journalistic materials by using them.

In parallel, the Media Initiatives Center staff works with several Armenian universities helping professors to develop and implement new modules of information verification during the teaching process.

The project also supports “I am the Media” students’ contest which has been organized by MIC since 2015 and encourages the students to think about the impact of media and information and their consequences, discuss the role of a journalist in the society, and also the consumers’ reaction to fake and unverified information.

The project is being implemented during March-July 2017, in partnership with Transitions (TOL) Czech organization with funding support received from the International Visegrad Fund and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.