Tvapatum Investigation

Organized by the Media Initiative Center in December, 2016 “Tvapatum Investigation” media conference promoted investigative journalism in Armenia by offering a collaborative platform for discussions, presentations and workshops, with the participation of visiting international experts who will share their diverse experiences covering corruption and human rights.

Participants talked about current trends, platforms and tools for investigative journalism to fight corruption. They explored opportunities for cross-border collaboration in investigating corruption that increasingly spreads from one nation to another and must be fought by allies in various countries.

The conference featured a wide range of foreign experts, including four highly-respected members of the Lithuanian media, two U.S. experts, and journalists and academics from countries ranging from Georgia and Ukraine to the United Kingdom and Germany.

Invited 16 speakers from 10 countries represented a number of internationally noteworthy media and investigative centers.

A handbook was produced and published as a follow up of the conference. It includes 12 articles written by the speakers in addition to their presentations.

The conference was part of the Tvapatum (Digital Storytelling) series of media events, within the frames of Media for Informed Civic Engagement Project, with funding support received from USAID and the Embassy of Lithuania in Armenia.