Supporting Armenian Media During Wartime

Media Initiatives Center launched the “Supporting Armenian Media During Wartime” project in July, 2016.

Three trainings were conducted for journalists on the topics of Physical security, Digital security and Trauma healing, to improve the capacity of independent Armenian journalists to report on conflict in a safe and ethical manner.

One of the objectives of the project was to foster the security of the journalists, who work on the conflict zone and provide them protective outfits. Media Initiatives Center was able to purchase 10 vests and 11 helmets for journalists with NED’s support.  Another 2 bullet jackets and 1 helmet could be purchased with online fundraising donations organized by Levon Sevunts, a Montreal based journalist.

Within the scope of the project the series of articles on conflict reporting and journalists’ security were written and published in the “Crossroad” section of website. The handbook about security of journalists will be printed.

This project is being implemented during July 2016 – December 2017, with funding support received from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).