Workshop on Organizing Communication Campaigns

On April 10-12, the Internews organized a workshop for journalists of TV stations of Armenia. The workshop aimed at advancing the participants’ knowledge on developing strategies and tactics of communication campaigns on anti-trafficking. The focus of the workshop was creating public service announcements (PSAs) as part of the communication campaign. The participants learned the basics of effective PSAs, techniques enhancing their impact and relevant practical considerations. The Armenian journalists were introduced successful PSAs and in the end of the workshop came up with their own ideas.

The workshop was organized within the framework of the Internews’ Combating Trafficking In Humans: A Social Mobilization Project, implemented with the assistance of the IOM Yerevan Office. The project is to raise the awareness of potential victims of trafficking and contributing to the prevention of trafficking. For this purpose the Internews produces the Mardavors TV program and organizes training courses on developing communication campaigns for journalists.