“Tvapatum 2023” Journalism Contest Results Were Made Public

On November 24, the award ceremony of the annual “Tvapatum ” (digital storytelling) Journalism Contest took place in Yerevan.

Organized by the Media Initiatives Center for the 9th consecutive year, this Contest recognizes professional excellence and encourages the quality and responsible journalism, human-centered stories, innovative approaches, modern tools, and maintaining and valuing ethical principles.

“Tvapatum 2023” is implemented under the “Media Program in Armenia” activity funded by the the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). “We are delighted to continue being the primary supporter for the Tvapatum media event. At USAID, we understand the critical role that media plays in advancing democracy, which is why in 2023 we launched the Media Program in Armenia in collaboration with our local and international partners. With an unprecedented budget of $15 million allocated over five years, this program represents the most substantial investment in the Armenian media sector to date. By championing initiatives like Tvapatum, we reiterate our unwavering commitment to fostering a dynamic and independent media landscape, serving as a cornerstone for democratic values in the country,” said USAID/Armenia Acting Mission Director Rebecca White in her opening remarks.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Gituzh Initiative are also sponsoring the  contest.

“Tvapatum 2023” selection committee consisted of the well-known experts from the  media sector and civil society organizations. :

  • Gnel Nalbandyan, Editor-in-Chief, Newmag;
  • Karine Asatryan, Journalist, A1+;
  • Nazik Armenakyan, Editor-in Chief, 4plus.am;
  • Anna Pambukchyan, Media Consultant, European Endowment for Democracy;
  • Armen Grigoryan, Project Coordinator, Friedriech Nauman Foundation South Caucasus Office;
  • Geghecik Voskanyan, winner of the Homo Agendi nomination of  the“Tvaptum 2022”, journalist of Civilnet.

As a result of the committee’s evaluations and final discussion, the winners of the contest were selected. They were awarded with monetary prizes and “Tvapatum” statuettes.

The stories of the “Homo Agendi” nomination of “Tvapatum 2023” are about the individuals who make positive changes in their communities.

Mediamax’ journalist Lusine Gharibyan received the award for “Come to village, there is life in the village”: “the girl in a dress” and the story of the victory of love” publication. Both the author, and the protagonist Anahit Gevorgyan were awarded 300,000 AMD each.

The winner of “Ditak” (investigative journalism) nomination is Zaruhi Tonikyan, a journalist of Hetq Media Factory. She received a prize of 250,000 AMD for “The price of a funeral. In 15 years, the territory of Yerevan’s cemeteries was increased by 91 hectares.” article.

Ampop’s journalist Karine Darbinyan received the best use of “Media 3.0” technologies award (the prize of 250,000 AMD) for the “Earth “guzzler” skyscraper Yerevan”.

14-year-old Tigran Gabrielyan received the contest’s new “AzdecIQ” (InfluenceIQ) award (the prize of 250,000 AMD) for being influential and for his online campaign via his “TigranBlog” Instagram page. This nomination regognizes the author’s approach to creating digital content on social platforms and the influence on the followers.

The selection committee awarded two winners in the “Covering Science” nomination.

Marine Martirosyan from “Hetq” was awarded 125,000 AMD for “The genome of Armenian grape varieties was studied: scientific results can also bring economic benefits”, and Anna Sahakyan from “Infocom” received the prize (125,000 AMD) for her “Journey to the nanoworld: “inside the Center for Technological Innovations and Nanoscience  article.

The committee did not select a winner in the “Emergency Note” nomination but made a decision to award incentive prizes to the authors of three stories. Hetq’s journalists Anahit Svaryan and Hayk Makiyan were awarded 125,000 AMD for the article “Hello, I’m Anahit, I’m looking for my brother”. Infocom’s journalist Astghik Keshishyan was awarded for her “We give him strength, he gives us strength: as a result of the blockade, brothers and sisters from Martekert were separated for 9 months” story, and Mediamax’ author Sofia Hakobyan was awarded for the publication “Those born and not born in the blockade”.

Traditionally, the committee also made a decision to award a special prize. Journalist Siranush Sargsyan received a special prize and 100,000 AMD for her “Besieged Artsakh: prayer and struggle for daily bread” article published in Aravot and for telling and informing people about human fates through online platforms during the siege.

“Tvapatum” Journalism Contest is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the scope of Media Program in Armenia. The project is implemented by Internews in partnership with Media Initiatives Center, Yerevan Press Club and Zinc Network. 

Tvapatum 2023 Journalism Contest is also supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Gituzh Initiative. 




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