Tvapatum 2016: Reporters Continue Telling about Changes

On September 24, the Media Initiatives Center announced the names of those who won the “Tvapatum: Stories about Change” Contest.

This journalistic competition is being held for the second year. Aiming to promote the coverage of changes implemented in Armenia, Tvapatum accepts works of different genres, which reflect on the issues of local self-government, transparent and accountable governance and social issues.

Four well-known Armenia media professionals formed the Jury. The hero of the publication which won the award under the category Person of Action (Homo Agendi) in Tvapatum 2015 contest also joined the Jury this year.

76 journalists from 35 Armenia-based new outlets have submitted 131 stories to the four categories of the Contest. The Jury has evaluated them, taking into account the journalistic work, topics of the contest, creative approach and the use of new media tools. The final decision on the winners was made jointly.

Best Use of Media 3.0 Technologies – the award and the prize (200 000 AMD) went to Grisha Balasanyan for the multimedia piece ‘The Valuable Gifts of MPs’ published on

Re-information: Best Use of Reforms – the award and a prize of 250 000 AMD went to Anush Muradyan from AR TV, for the video “Agricultural Cooperatives: Who Needs a Farmers’ Union?” This piece she prepared for the Hatuk Tghtakits (“Special Correspondent”) series on AR TV.

Observer: Investigative Reportage – the award and the prize of 250 000 AMD was shared between two publications on These were:  ‘Mihran Poghosyan: The Armenian General Who Mastered the Ins and Outs of Panama’s Offshore’ (by Kristine Aghalaryan, Edik Baghdasaryan) and ‘How to Deceive the Public: Armenia’s Ministry of Culture’s “Book World” Project A Land Grab Scheme’ (by Marine Madatyan).

Person of Action (Homo Agendi) – the winners of the award and the 300 000 AMD prize were both the creator of the video material published on “Green Revolution” [“The Greenest Community of Basen” in English] Gohar Ter-Hakobyan and the protagonist of the video piece Hamlet Petrosyan.

Tvapatum supporter OSCE Office in Yerevan handed its special award – 85 000 AMD gift card for Bureaucrat bookstore to Arman Suleymanyan for his choice of protagonist in the piece “From 2016, Disability Is No Longer Contagious” published on

Taking into account the high quality of works presented to the contest and the importance of issues that were covered, the Jury also handed out special and encouraging monetary awards.

In addition to the main award categories, Tvapatum contest has also ‘I Vote: Audience Trust Award.’ Here, the best 20 works selected by the Jury in all nominations are put to the vote, and the winner is selected by the audience.

The chosen materials and voting details will be available at the end of the award ceremony, on “I am voting” section.

The preferred material can be voted for from October 1 to 31.

Further information about the details of the contest is available on Tvapatum website.

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