TIMATIKA. A New Subject on TV

On June 9, 2016, the first issue of television program “Timatika” authored by Media Initiatives Center was issued. With its 12 issues, the project reflected on the reforms of local self-government sphere in Armenia.

“Timatika” is a special explanatory program which covers the local self-government sphere – governance, citizen involvement, community structure, key issues and changes in the sphere, in particular the community consolidation project. Community consolidation is the RA Government concept, according to which those communities with small number of residents shall be consolidated together to solve the local self-government issues jointly – improvement, education, lightening, community investments.

Each issue of the program is thematic and is compiled based on the stories and research made by experienced reporters who cover the work of the LSG in Armenia. This is an informative, publicly accessible and entertainment television journal and unites the explanatory reporting, essays, live broadcasts and interviews.

With the above-mentioned elements, this new format managed also to cover the LSG pre-election and post-election periods. This is the only production on the Armenian TV, consistently covering this topic. The Program was prepared jointly with “ArmNews” Television Company, and further it was provided to the television in its full package, which continued to produce it, by preparing 20 more issues.

In total 11 reporters from Yerevan and regions and 17 experts participated in the production of 12 issues of “Timatika”, and the program was re-broadcasted by 5 regional television companies.

On December 16, the Award Ceremony of the Media Contest “Reaching Equality: the Vision of Women’s Political Participation” of the “Oxfam’’ and “OxYGen” Foundation was held, where  the first prize for television material category was won by Tematika’s story about Arusyak Aivazyan, who