The World Press Freedom Day

On May 3, the Yerevan Press Club, Journalists Union Of Armenia, Internews and the Committee To Protect Freedom Of Expression organized an event devoted to the World Press Freedom Day. The NGOs presented a joint statement, covering such priority directions, as legislative reforms related to Mass Media, supporting free and transparent political debate and impartial coverage as necessary condition of democratic elections, increasing transparency and impartiality of activities of the National Commission on Television and Radio, creating conditions for wide press coverage of the Karabagh conflict and other regional problems, introducing and developing norms of professional journalism. The NGOs called on the media community and colleagues to unite their efforts and coordinate joint actions to meet the above targets aimed at strengthening freedom of expression and media in Armenia.

During the event, the organizers announced about their establishing a joint annual award, titled Time For Freedom Of Press, devoted to May 3. Aram Abrahamyan, Chief Editor of the Aravot daily, was the first winner of the award for the series of articles Armenia 2020, published in Saturday issues of the publication. Mr. Abrahamyan was handed a diploma and a present – watch.

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