The Law on Cinema is a Significant Precondition for the Development of the Sector

This statement was made by the participants of the roundtable on the cinema legislation and the development of the sector. The event was organized on 23 November by Internews within the framework of CAUCADOC project. Representatives of the Ministry of Culture, National Cinema Center, Golden Apricot Festival, State Institute of Cinema and Theater, as well as filmmakers, producers and experts participated in the event. Since early 90s, they have been involved in the process of developing and discussing legislation and concepts on the national film industry. However, so far the draft law has not been officially presented to the National Assembly.

The participants of November 23 roundtable spoke on factors hindering the adoption of the law, the general situation in the film production sphere, relevant state policy, possible cooperation and necessary steps for the adoption of the law.

Notwithstanding disagreements on a number of issues, the participants were unanimous that the relevant legislation is a significant precondition for the development of the sector. The absence of the legislation hinders the development of the cinema production in the country, complicates the joint production and is a problem for foreign cinema producers, who would like to produce cinema in Armenia.

In the end of the roundtable, the participants agreed to meet during the coming months for a detailed discussion of the draft law on Cinema, developed by the National Cinema Center, and jointly discuss the document, which will be presented to the National Assembly.