The Interns Are Back

In June, Internews Armenia had organized the internship of 10 Armenian journalists from various TV stations at Russian and Ukrainian TV companies in Moscow, Tomsk, Kiev and Stavropol. The Armenian journalists took part in the production process of the local programs, as well as learnt the Russian and Ukrainian experience of news production and newsroom management. The aim of the internship was increasing the professional standards of journalists and introducing the work style of their Russian and Ukranian colleagues.

The interns stated that the visit was rather productive. As Mher Arshakyan from “A1+” TV company stated, “The most essential thing that drew my attention at TVC was the feeling of joint responsibility of each member of the team, from the technician to the head of the creative group.” Another reporter, Susanna Simonyan from “Ar” TV company, noted: “The most effective thing that I learnt was the internal organization of “Sovershenno Sekretno” TV company. I will try to implement everything I saw here in my work.”