Tell Me and I’ll Forget. Involve Me, and I’ll Understand.

Summer period was very active for Internews Armenia training department, which is doing its best to raise professional level of employees working for television and radio stations of Armenia.

Every year Internews Armenia conducts three advanced training courses for TV journalists. During the summer session of 2004, which was held between July 5 and 31, consultant Magda Walter from USA guided 12 students of Armenian universities through the entire process of newscast production. During the last two weeks of the session the students produced real newscasts.

Lectures on basic principles of media marketing were read for Armenian TV and Radio companies during the third and fourth sessions of Sales and Marketing schools. Consultants of both sessions – Farida Sadreeva and Anoush Tangunts were invited from Russia.

Moreover, in early August Internews started a ten-day seminar on Computer Graphics for broadcast designers of TV companies. The seminar was led by consultant Hamik Mayliyan from Armenia.