Teenagers Learn Speaking for Themselves

17-year-old Arman Grigoryan is a member of Bridge of Hope NGO’s Media Club. Together with his peers he tries to use various opportunities offered by photo and video in order to voice teenagers’ rights and problems they face.

Arman and other members of the Media Club participated in Internews’ journalism training, held during October 10-28, for learning basics of television, radio and multimedia production. They mastered selecting a topic and a hero, conducting an interview, writing script, shooting and editing.

The participants were actively involved in the training: viewing and discussing television stories and documentaries, learning to practice video camera, recording and editing equipment, role plays, practical assignments, prizes for the best assignments. Arman was awarded most of the prizes. His role plays of journalist-interviewee were particularly successful.

“Now I know the qualities of the active journalist, I know techniques of formulating right questions during the interview. Overall, the training was so interesting, that I want to constantly advance my journalistic knowledge and skills”, Arman says.

The training will be followed by broadcasting of TV and radio reports of the young journalists.