Stephen Kurkjian Held a Summer School for Armenian Journalists

“Well, you should not measure investigative reporting by the changes that the government immediately brings. The importance of investigative reporting is to inform the public, so that the public can decide whether changes are needed,” says Stephen Kurkjian, who is an Armenian-American investigative journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner.

He is in Yerevan, upon the invitation of the Media Initiatives Center. He is teaching young journalists in the investigative summer school program the entire process of conducting a journalism investigation: from searching for material and working with sources to developing theories, checking and comparing facts, and producing a story.

Kurkjian was the founder and member of The Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team, and for many years he investigated cases of government corruption. He is currently working on uncovering cases of art theft.

“Investigative journalists have to make the issues of those who have no voice in society heard,” he says.

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