Soap Operas Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Molchanov’s Master Class

From November 18 to 20, the Media Initiatives Center hosted playwright, screenwriter, and lecturer of screenwriting Alexander Molchanov, who shared his extensive experience in soap operas with local colleagues.

“It’s interesting that a large number of soap operas are produced in Armenia today, and the number of TV companies is close to 40. The budget of one series starts at $800… I see great potential here,” says Molchanov.

Experienced and beginner screenwriters, directors, producers, and journalists participated in his master’s class under the rubric “Soap Operas Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.” Among the topics presented were

How to create a soap opera that they’ll love, watch, and won’t complain about?
Are there golden rules to writing a script for soap operas?
How does the digital environment affect the development of this television genre?