Presentation of Documentaries of the Series Dialogue Through Film

On 11 March Internews and Conciliation Resources presented the second generation of documentary films produced within the framework of Dialogue Through Film project. The latter is a cross-border initiative helping young Karabakh Armenians and Azerbaijanis to make documentary films together. On one level young people of the two conflicting parties learn writing scripts and producing documentaries. On another public at large watch the films and discuss possible solutions. Since its launch in 2006, more than 30 young people have been involved in the project. Their twenty films reflect the hopes, fears, sadness and humour of people living in the shadow of war. The documentaries were produced by Karabakh Armenians and Azerbaijanis working in parallel. Post-production work was done in either Baku or Yerevan, and the final versions of each film were agreed by everyone involved in the project at production meetings in Georgia.