Public Service Announcements against Logging

“Species go extinct, rivers dry up, homes collapse, every time you cut a tree.” This is the slogan of one of the three public service announcements (PSAs), produced by Internews.

The first PSA highlights the consequences of illegal logging, such as landslides, loss of water resources, desertification, and extinction of important bird species.

The second PSA presents a family tree – one of the ethnic and cultural values of Armenia. Parallels are drawn between the tree and the family tree branches. As a result of their cutting, one dries up his/her family roots.

The next spot is directed to those cutting trees illegally for profit. Many valuable trees, cut illegally, appear as supermarket products. When counting the profit gained from the sale, these people are called to “Count the damage to nature.”

During the coming months, the PSAs will be broadcast by national and regional TV channels in Armenia.