Internews Produces New Radio Talk Show

“Aniv” (the Wheel) talk show is the only live call-in radio show in Armenia. The 30-minute show is broadcast every Tuesday from 5:00 to 5:30 on Ardzagank radio in Yerevan.

The goals of the show are as follows:

1) To give citizens access to information by covering issues that are important to Armenian society

2) To introduce and develop this type of interactive radio show in Armenia
Throughout the week, 6 radio reporters – 4 from the capital and 2 from the regions – investigate a topic.

A guest is invited to the radio studio and an anchor forms a dialogue between the guest and the public. Some of the topics covered include the deputy mayor of Yerevan, women’s role in society, agriculture, education, advertising, and small business development. Guests include both Ministers and ordinary citizens.