New Opportunities for Young Armenians and Turks

In a foggy day Halil Ibrahim Unal tries to catch Ararat mountain in his photo objective. Ibrahim is a student at Istanbul Kultur University, faculty of Art and Design. He came to Armenia to look at Ararat and to discover the significance of Biblic mountain for the Armenians. Later he will make a documentary within the frames of the project Dialogue Building between Turkey and Armenia.

This project is jointly implemented by Internews and Yerevan Press Club in partnership with CAM Studio and GPoT Center in Turkey. Six Turkish students visited Armenia to participate in a joint training course on documentary production together with their Armenian counterparts and to conduct research for producing their films. On the first day of training the students met Marie L. Yovanovitch, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USA in Armenia.

“I wish I could have the final solution to the normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations, but I am sure the projects like this are fully intended to promote that process. Specifically, I am excited about young people being involved in this process”, said the Ambassador.

During their visit to Armenia, the Turkish students managed not only to finalize topics of their future films, but also to get acquainted with the cultural and social lives of the country. The upcoming days will be devoted to the development of scripts based on the stories heard and sites visited. Within two months Armenian and Turkish partcipants of the project will produce films about their neighboring country. The topics differ: football, immigration; cartoonists; magicians and more. The films will be screened in universities of the two countries.