Ditak: Never Settling for the Obvious

Every Sunday night, tens of thousands of Armenian residents tune their television sets to their local stations to watch Ditak (“Scope”), the weekly news and analytical program produced by Internews Armenia. On November 15, Ditak broadcast a landmark 100th edition, which focused on the project Armenia 2020.

“Our show covers problems related to mankind as a whole as well as stories connected with the people-next-door,” said producer and host Armen Sargsyan. “Ditak is an instrument for the thorough viewing, inspection and examination of an issue. We focus on large subjects, such as globalization, trafficking and organ transplants, as well as the more personal subjects of love, death, and neighbors. We’ve hosted children and adults as well as animals, including a Minor-Asian triton and a dog.”

Production of Ditak starts with hours of research, a full week of production and location shooting, interviews and a studio interview. While a new look for Ditak is planned for 2004, Sargsyan assures us that “the most significant principle – a view of reality as seen through the lenses of a Ditak, will be retained.”