Menk Enk’s 6th Season Starts

What teenagers want? Who are their heroes? What problems they face? Answers to these and other questions will be sought by young journalists of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan during the new season of Menk Enk (We Are) TV program of Internews’ Kids’ Crossroads project.
View young journalists’ stories on the most actual issues every Saturday, at 13:00 on Shoghakat TV.

The young journalists themselves search for the topics and heroes, shoot and edit video materials. We are with our mountains, We are with our wants, We are with our problems, We are with our notes, We are with our genius, We are with our kingpins, We are with our ads: these are the rubrics of the TV program, which instills such values, as compassion towards neighbors, disabled and marginalized people, social and political activeness, tolerance, loyalty, courage, responsibility.