Media Literacy for Teachers

Naira Avagyan is a teacher of Russian language in “Ayb” High School. During the past several months Naira has been involved in the development of media literacy projects of the School. From September 10 to September 15 Naira participated in Internews’ TOT on media literacy. Together with her 11 other teachers of Yerevan schools, selected as a result of a competition, participated in the TOT. Those were teachers of various subjects interested in the media literacy and wishing to help their pupils to become literate media consumers. Through the TOT, Internews tested its Media Literacy curriculum in order to identify its drawbacks and further improve them.

“Our School administration is so encouraged by the idea of media literacy, that starting from September 2013, the subject will become among the credit ones: pupils can choose it and receive credits for it,” Naira Avagyan says. “Ayb” School plans to organize media literacy courses not only for its pupils, but also for the ones of other schools. As proposed by Naira, there will be a summer school, the participants of which will learn producing media products. Later, each of the participants will apply the knowledge gained in his/her school and the products will be posted online.

Not confining herself to this, Naira received a grant, through which the “Ayb” School will have its own professional studios and equipment. “We’ll use the equipment for conducting video sessions. The best sessions of the teachers will be recorded and become available for everyone online. This will become possible through the children’s efforts,” Naira says. As confirmed by her, “In the long term, through similar courses we will contribute to raising the level of media. If we educate a generation, which demands quality news, programs and advertising, the media outlets and production studios will have to meet the audience requirements.”