with a New Look and New Options

Media Initiatives Center’s website will be presented in a new format. The site has maintained the logo and coulors, and has become more functional now.

It is now very comfortable to read or view the with mobile devices, the screen of the website automatically adapts to the device screen.

The updated website is suitable for uploading photos and infographics of better quality. After getting registered on the, the readers get an opportunity to leave comments and sent to the Editorship those journalistic materials, videos, and photos published in the media which contain breaches of journalistic ethics or need correction. The Editorship will review the materials and will include those in the on-line discussions of the This is an opportunity to prepare articles by the order of the audience.

New sections have been launched together with the new look. The Card Stacks is one of the first examples of explanatory reporting. Here the complex information is presented in a simple question and answer mode. For example, the technical details about shifting from analog to digital broadcasting are available in the Article entitled “What should we know about digital broadcasting.”

.Hai is a section where we introduce reporters and media producers of Armenian origin, working abroad.  Our first interview under this title is with Karoun Demirjian, a multimedia American reporter of Armenian origin, who currently lives in Moscow and deals with the covering the history of Russia and former Soviet Union states for Washington Post.

Verification and approval of the news, images and video materials is one of the challenges for modern media. On there is a section entitled “Verified.” It presents tools for checking the news as well as stories about verification and detection of the false news.

The updated is yet in working version. The editorship of the website plans to launch new sections in the upcoming months.