Logic of Success – 6: Russian Private Mediabusiness: Individual Strategies of Players

This was the title of the conference, organized by the Internews Russia and Internews Armenia on July 5-7 in Yerevan. Owners and managers of city TV and radio companies, leaders of industrial associations, consulting and analytical companies of Russia and Armenia participated in the conference. Among the issues presented and discussed during the conference were: Mediamarket: tendencies and factors of growth; Capital formation by Russian companies; Elaborating a development strategy aimed at raising the value of the company; Promotion of new technologies within the TV market and consumer requirements; Russian regional TV:

the structure of ownership, dynamics of the change. During the conference, dozens of new ideas on opportunities provided by the technological revolution, modern content, advertising market, consumer requirements and regional media market were developed among the participants. It is anticipated, that the participants will use these ideas in their further activities. The  Unicomp and Web companies sponsored the participation of managers of Armenian TV and radio companies and the cultural program of the conference.