Legislative Additions, Initiated by the Internews, Put on Official Circulation

On April 17, 2006, legislative additions, initiated by the Internews, were put on official circulation by the ROA National Assembly. The additions refer to the Draft Laws On Additions to the ROA Criminal Code, Additions to the ROA Law on Police and ROA Criminal Procedures Code. The additions are posted on the Not Yet Included In The Agenda subheading of the Drafts heading of the ROA National Assembly website and can be viewed here.

The additions are aimed at improvement of the legal protection of journalists and media entities and were developed within the framework of the Favio Veritas project, implemented with the assistance of the Counterpart Armenia Civic Advocacy Support Program. The project is to amend the relevant legislation for ensuring objective and fair licensing and regulation of broadcasters’ activities in Armenia and improving mechanisms for legal protection of media professionals.