Learning to Train Others in New Media

During 11-15 December, within the framework of Alternative Resources in Media program, new media trainers and activists, bloggers and journalism teachers underwent a Training of Trainers in Multimedia Journalism, conducted by Regina McCombs of the Poynter Institute in Florida, USA.

The idea behind the course was to teach participants training technologies and tools, which can be further applied in social media trainings. Among the training topics were: planning teaching adult learners, structuring lessons, organizing talks, understanding story forms, choosing tools, identifying mobile devices for gathering information, using social media effectively, best practices in blogging, infographics, data visualization and much more.

Upon the end of the course, the participants developed their own training modules on such topics, as writing in the Internet, anonymous blogging, mobile journalism, promoting a brand in the Internet, value of sharing. These modules may be used for training new media for such groups, as journalists, beginner bloggers, NGO and social activists.