Just So Stories – More Than Just News Stories

On December 17 the first edition of “Ayspisi Baner” (Just So Stories), a program resulted by the new training project of Internews, was broadcast on “Prometheus”, a national channel in Armenia.

The training is conducted once a month, helping journalists of regional TV stations and freelancers to work on more complex television formats, use investigation techniques, more sources of information to tell real human stories and to cover complex issues, making a step forward to the genre of special reporting. The project turned into a good series of TV reports. Today we have a series consisting of 9 editions of “Just So Stories”.

As Lilik Stepanyan, the head of the project, states, “the aim is to help journalists to view a story at a different angle, develop a new way of thinking, and produce pieces that are more sophisticated than just news stories.”

“Just So Stories” is aired once in two weeks, covering such issues as the intensive care department for newly born children, a disabled mountain climber, the newly discovered work of a famous Armenian scientist, etc.