The Investigative Program of Internews Armenia Gets the First Prize

From On May 25 Internews Armenia was awarded the first prize in the category of investigative journalism at the competition organized by Vahagn Hovnanyan, an eminent Armenian philanthropist, and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. The prize was presented to Harutyun Mansuryan, the producer of Internews Armenia, at the award ceremony at the building of Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre of Armenia.

The competition awarded prizes in various categories, such as movies, theatre performances, folk songs, children’s bands, journalism, etc. It aimed at boosting culture values and contributing to the development of arts and culture in Armenia.

Internews had submitted some of the editions of “Khndir” (Problem) investigative program as well as a couple of editions of “Aniv,” an analytical radio program. The prize – $ 1500 and a copper sculpture symbolizing the birth of something new – was awarded to the TV edition “In the Name of the Republic of Armenia,” produced by the Internews staff (Harutyun Mansuryan, Levon Kalantar, Hakob Hovhannisyan, Hamik Mailyan, Natalie Haroutunyan) as well as Nelli Rafaelyan, a freelance TV reporter, that greatly contributed to the program production. As Harutyun Mansuryan, the producer of “Khndir,” mentioned at the award ceremony, “This prize belongs not just to the program but to the whole Internews Armenia. And I am very glad that journalism stories are considered to be pieces of art and are highly evaluated on this stage.”

The thirty-minute program is committed to in-depth investigation of such a tough problem of the society as murders of soldiers in the army and the failings of military prosecution in investigating the cases. The story is thoroughly and scrupulously explored, diligently filmed and edited – with careful use of discovered and double-checked facts, comprehensive investigation, graphic illustrations and symbolic shots. As Michael Delahaye, a Thomson Foundation consultant said, “Khndir” is the finest example of how to tell a visually complicated investigative story with symbolic shots and a creative approach.” According to some of local producers and experts, “Internews has dictated really high standards.”

Two other prizes were granted to an investigative piece in the “Azg” daily, and to the newspaper “Iravunk – Investigation.”