Internews Presented Reporting on Economy: A Guide for Journalists Book

On 19 November Reporting on Economy: A Guide for Journalists book was launched by Internews. The Guide presents various aspects of economic and business reporting and specifies essential economic issues and problems, as well as contains a glossary of frequently used terms and abbreviations.Addressed to journalists, the book reflects economic problems essential for Armenia. Specific references were made to transition economies, stock markets, privatization processes, activities of small and medium enterprises, corruption, economic policy of the State. The book draws parallels between the western experience of economic reporting and specifics of transition economy in Armenia, internal economic problems and economic outcomes of the financial crisis and globalization.This guide was developed by the British organization Irving International Limited within the framework of the Training in Economic and Business Reporting project. It was implemented with funding support received from British Embassy Yerevan. In the beginning, 20 journalists from Yerevan and other regions participated in training courses, and based on its materials, discussions and analysis this guide was developed.