New Training Projects of Internews

Hamik Mayilyan, the designer of Internews, has started a series of individual training programs in computer graphics for the employees of private TV stations. The training takes place at the Internews laboratory and goes on for two weeks.

According to Mayilyan, “the students of the courses will be able to use their potential and technical abilities to create graphics and broadcast design elements for their television stations.” Up to now, 2 courses have been conducted, teaching the basics of graphics design to the employees of “Interkap” (Vanadzor) and “Anna” (Artashat”) TV stations.

Another training project is carried out by Lilik Stepanyan, a media trainer and producer. The “Special Report” is a series of 10-15-minute stories made by the employees of private regional TV stations, aiming at increasing their professional standards and showing them how to work outside their usual environment. 5 stories have been produced up to now, covering such issues as the problems of the Yerevan zoo (Fortuna, Stepanavan), a disabled mountain-climber (Ankyun+3, Stepanavan), intensive care department for newly-born babies (Tsayg, Gyumri), film laboratory at Armenfilm (Anna, Artashat), and the newly-published book by a celebrated Armenian scientist (Interkap, Vanadzor.)

The stories are supposed to be broadcast in September by one of the Yerevan TV stations.