Global Medialiteracy Week in Media Initiatives Centre

UNESCO had declared a  Global Media and Information Literacy Week from October 31 through November 6.  The Media Initiatives Center (MIC) also joined this movement.

First of all, we held a workshop for the teachers of Shirakatsi Lyceum, and then pupils of the Media Literacy group with their teacher Karine Samvelyan also visited the MIC.   During the program “Aravot Luso” of Public TV, after a video material telling about these training, Gegham Vardanyan and Lusine Grigoryan continued the topic, by explaining what the media literacy is and how does Armenia join the Media Literacy international movement.

In the context of another initiative, we proposed the audience of website to check their knowledge and analytical skills in the field of media, through answering a quiz.

Please note, that to become a more informed media consumer, you can read the manual created by Media Initiatives Center and play the Mediamart (Media Battle) training game.