Internews Focuses on Election Coverage

In anticipation of the presidential elections, Internews Armenia started producing special editions of its TV and radio programs and launched a new website to provide Armenian citizens with unbiased information about important electoral issues.

The programs have been covering critical issues connected with the elections, such as electoral campaigns, pre-election violations, electoral techniques, illegal methods of campaigning, the role of political parties in the elections, the procedure of elections, and the difficulties of the disabled in voting. The special election coverage is incorporated into the existing news programs “Ditak” (Scope) and “Aniv” (Wheel).
Harutyun Mansuryan, the producer of “Aniv,” states, “The program is especially important because nowadays everybody in Armenia is absorbed in the elections.”

The web site includes coverage of the Presidential elections in the Armenian mass media, legal documents, sociological surveys and an electronic voting system.

“Ditak” airs on 23 private TV channels based in 21 cities of Armenia. “Aniv” and “Aniv Talk Show” are broadcast once a week on 3 radio channels covering the 3 biggest cities of Armenia.