The First Kids’ Crossroads Program for the Season Aired

On September 15, 2005, the Internews convened the program participant teenagers, their trainers and the NGO donors to show the first Kids’ Crossroads program for the season. The latter is a video magazine prepared by the South Caucasus teenagers, attempting to express their viewpoints through the program. Covering the most actual problems of teenagers, this bi-weekly program has been on the air on Saturdays, at 16:30, on the Public Television of Armenia since January 2005.

The first program for the season highlighted the activities of the Summer Television Camp 2005 in the Georgian Chakvi resort and the life of teenagers and adults living there. During the camp, aside from entertainment, the children improved their skills in editing, camera shooting and reporting. “In the camp I learned to grasp what’s really going on around and what the journalist should grasp. I also learned to work in a team, which is necessary for the TV production. I believe if one cannot work in a team, he cannot be a journalist,” said one of the teenagers after Chakvi.