Equipment for Radio Stations

On April 6, Internews Armenia honored the winners of the earlier-announced competition for technical support to radio companies, granting them equipment packages and certificates. According to the requirements, the applicants were supposed to present a project on producing radio programs that would be in conformity with the radio station format and, according to the applicants’ opinion, would increase the rating of the radio station.

The competition aimed at supporting radio companies’ own production, as well as expanding the technical resources of radio stations. After thorough consideration of the applications, the following radio companies were chosen to be winners:
Yerevan-based “Impulse”, “Van”, “Tospa”, “Ardzagank”, “Hi FM” radio stations, “Interkap” radio company from Vanadzor, and “Shant” radio company from Gyumri.

At the ceremony conducted at the conference hall of Internews Armenia, each of the winners received a set of technical equipment costing up to 5000 USD – for a long-term, free of charge usage. The packages contained digital expanders, enhancers, telephone hybrids, audio mixers, speakers, microphones, minidisk recorders, headphones, etc.

Also, the winners were presented with the new manuals published by Internews – “The Legal Handbook, Elements of Journalism”, and “TV Branding”. The ceremony was followed by a buffet reception.