Documentary Films Covering Women’s Issues Broadcast

Last fall, Internews awarded six filmmakers grants to produce documentary films that focused on the various problems that modern Armenian women are faced with. All six of these films are being broadcast nationwide on Prometevs TV this month.

The winning films were based on the following themes:

“The Autumn without Adam.” A film about a village where women live completely alone, without the male population that had to leave the place to earn for living – by Susan Simonyan, “Don” production company.

“I am a Refugee.” Short stories on three refugee women – by Nikolay Davtyan, “Mir” TV company.

“The Rejected.” A film on women that live in an institution together with the mentally insane, as well as lonely old people and children abandoned by their parents – by Ara Shirinyan, “Versus” studio.

“Abortion.” A film on the problem of abortion increase – by Lusine Gevorgyan, “43,2” production company.

“At last I am Coming Home.” A film based on the letters of a woman that had to emigrate from the country because of social problems – by Narine Malyan, “Brevis” studio.

“Down-and-Out.” A story about a woman digging artesian wells – by Hrachuhi Bostanchyan, “Kyavar” TV station.