Dialogue Through Film – Promoting Understanding in the Nagorny Karabagh Conflict

Young journalists from Nagorny Karabagh underwent a training course on TV production, organized by the Internews from May 22 through June 9 in Yerevan. They learned to write, film, edit and produce films. Simultaneously a similar training course was conducted among young Azerbaijani journalists in Baku. The idea behind the courses is to produce series of documentaries with mentoring and technical support of the Internews Armenia and Internews Azerbaijan.

The entire production process will be carried out through joint discussions between young journalists from Nagorny Karabagh and Azerbaijan on the content, style and approach of the filmmakers, providing them with opportunities for direct dialogue and counteracting the isolation generated by the conflict divide. It is anticipated that direct meetings and collaboration among journalists from communities most affected by the unresolved conflict will create a channel for communication and sharing of material. It is also hoped that material will be used in joint productions for broadcast on television and in promoting public debate through broadcast in discussion groups. The shared analysis and production will contribute to mutual understanding and act as a confidence building measure between communities.