Bulletproof Vests and Helmets for Armenian Journalists

The Media Initiatives Center with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is implementing the program Support for Journalists in Conflict, within the scope of which it became possible to acquire bulletproof vests and helmets for journalists – black in colour with the word “PRESS” on it.

Contributing to the task of providing Armenian journalists with protective outfits was Montreal-based journalist Levon Sevunts. After the April War, he organized a crowdfunding campaign, so people can become “guardian angels for reporters who risk their lives to bring you news from the frontlines.”

Levon Sevunts transferred the money he fundraised to the Media Initiatives Center and helped to increase the budget for this special equipment. As a result, MIC was able to purchase for journalists 12 bulletproof vests and 12 helmets.

How to wear it? In which situations does the bulletproof vest help? What are the specifications? When are the bulletproof vest and helmet needed?

Answers to the questions, as well as other details about the initiative can be found in Media.am’s article.

The outfit is provided free of charge to all journalists who need it. Simply contact the Media Initiatives Center, sign a contract, and become familiar with the rules of use.

For any questions, please contact Mane Grigoryan by phone at +374 10 583620 or by email at [email protected].

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