Armenian Journalists Welcomed

Thanks to the activity of the Internews Armenia these spring and summer many Armenia journalists took part in various media conferences, schools, festivals and seminars.Thus, this April employees from ALT TV (Armavir region of Armenia), SOSI TV (Kapan) and Tsayg TV (Guymri) participated in the TV Programming Market held in Moscow.In June, Executive Directors of ArmenAkob TV, Yerkir-Media TV, Shoghakat TV, Shant TV, and of the Second Armenian Channel H2 participated in the DISCOP Programming Market.The participants from Armenia made new and reestablished old contacts and refine their negotiation skills. Internews selected the participating stations on the basis of their requests following a call for participation and their ability to buy programs.School for Media Managers in St. Petersburg hosted this June three representatives of Armenian radio and TV – Shushanik Arevshatyan from radio VAN, Laert Soghoyan from TV Shant and Vahram Kocharyn from Radio Ardzagank.